Roarin Town

by The Black Sorrows

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We made it to the station had to catch that train
I held on to my baby through the pourin rain
Lookin for a good time tired of bein down
Thought we’d take our chances in a roarin town

“We just have put 16 fresh tracks to bed for The Sorrows’ new CD. It has been a very long day lasting 4 weeks. Recording and mixing words and music, not seeing the day and only smelling the night air stumbling home.

“Five years have passed since I stepped back into the studio with The Black Sorrows. Nick Smith and I set out to make a recording that would keep The Black Sorrows’ badge intact.

“The Black Sorrows cast a very wide net over eclectic styles. For me to make this disc all work, as a producer, I had to go forward, but still keep the charm that Hold On To Me and Harley & Rose had without trying to recreate old ground. It took most of ‘05 to write but I think we managed to do this.

“Nothing gives you more satisfaction when you have a good song on the line than finding the heart of the idea. Sometimes there’s more than one song in an idea and you have to go mining for it. As in the song Levi, I call it the son of Harley & Rose, not because they sound like each other, it just started to speak in the same way.”

Joe Camilleri


released October 4, 2006

All songs written by Nick Smith (Control) and Joe Camilleri (Mushroom Music Publishing Australia).

Produced by Joe Camilleri at Woodstock Studios (Melbourne).

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Robin Mai at Woodstock Studios (Melbourne) in the year of 2006.

Assistant engineers Troy Trigwell, Andy Blythe and Chris Braun.

Joe Camilleri plays Gibson Guitars.

Thanks to John and the staff at Gallins for their support, Jeff Jenkins, the crew in the office, Frank at Woodstock Music and all the sweethearts in The Sorrows.

Dedicated to the memory of Charles Mangione.



all rights reserved


The Black Sorrows Melbourne, Australia

Any examination of The Black Sorrows inevitably comes down to one person, Joe Camilleri, a legend in Australian music and leader of two of Australia's most loved bands. After the success of Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons, Joe formed The Sorrows in the early 80's 'for the fun of it’. The Sorrows continue to be one of Australia’s most successful touring bands. ... more


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Track Name: Lonesome Road
It’s the beginning of a timeless play
The world’s out your window
And the skies are grey
Caught in the middle between quick and slow
The best you can hope for
Is a worthy cameo
Every day’s a struggle just to be heard
You keep lookin for an answer
But the lines are blurred
Life’s still a riddle and no-one knows
If the clock’s gonna stop
When the cruel wind blows
Who’s gonna carry the load
Headin down that lonesome road
Another mile of misery
And no-one there to wait for me
Why’d you have to make it so hard
Can’t solve a puzzle without a clue
There’s no holdin back the tide
When it breaks on through
There’s a river that twists and turns
And a fire in the sunset
That slowly burns
Who’s gonna carry the load
Headin down that lonesome road
Another mile of misery
And no-one there to wait for me
Who’s gonna carry the load
Headin down that lonesome road
There’s darkness over the land
But I’ll never understand
Why you had to make it so hard
Track Name: What Levi Wants
Levi quit the coast
Left the ones he loved the most
Now things won’t be the same
Ain’t no right or wrong
Do your time we’ll get along
He said laughin in the rain
Seems like yesterday
All the cards just fell his way
There was joy across the land
Fate’s a steady friend
It’ll be there to the very end
Then strike you where you stand
One fine day
When Levi gets what Levi wants
He’ll forget the past
Hope and pray
When Levi gets what Levi wants
There’ll be peace at last
Pearl was sweet and smart
Just the kid to play her part
In Levi’s masterplan
How was she to know
Which way the wind would blow
Some girls need a man
I can still hear Levi talking
Sayin just what you’d expect
If you don’t like it sister keep on walkin
You gotta play hard to earn that kind of respect
In this cruel and crazy world
Money whispered take the girl
At least that’s what I recall
Guess I crossed the line
Pearl just smiled and said pour that wine
Let Levi take the fall
One fine day
When Levi gets what Levi wants
There’ll be peace at last
Hope and pray
When Levi gets what Levi wants
He’ll forget the past
I can still see Levi screamin
Loud enough to wake the dead
Was it real or am I only dreamin
Who can tell what lies up ahead
Track Name: It Ain't True
Everyone knows you’re runnin round
Though your feet barely touch the ground
Actin like there’s no right or wrong
Singin love lines from some foolish song
I don’t care if the sky falls through
Tell me it ain’t true
Everyone says you’re feelin fine
Your eyes are open they dance and shine
You lie on a beach and paint the moon
Bring the sun into a darkened room
Word on the street is there’s someone new
Tell me it ain’t true
Here I am a slave to the will of night
Weary eyes to meet the morning light
Talking loose and creepin up the wall
No-one to catch me when I fall
I see my world and it’s turning blue
Say it isn’t true
Everyone thinks that you’ve got a plan
But I know you as only a lover can
When we’re at peace and the lamps are low
I whisper your name and you don’t say no
I can’t believe I’m losin you
And I don’t care if the sky falls through
Just tell me it ain’t true
Track Name: Where's It All Gonna End?
Are you gonna be my lover
Or will I become your friend
Are we gonna turn things upside down
Where’s it all gonna end
Are we gonna take our chances
And dive in before it’s too late
Let it ride on a roll of the dice
Lay it in the hands of fate
Now tell me can you keep a secret
Is there anything I should know
Are we gonna wind up out of control
Or safe in the afterglow
And if it all comes to nothing
We’ll blame it on a trick of the light
Sparks from a ragin fire
Just flicker out into the night
How can I say I miss you
When I need to be here alone
Every summer I’m caught in the rain
Sleepin on a cold tombstone
Is it gonna last forever
When will you set me free
All the faith in this big wide world
Ain’t enough for you and me
Who’s gonna pick up the pieces
When we finally drift apart
If we meet on a crowded street
Will I have to hold on to my heart
Track Name: Headful of Stars
I went down
Way down below
To a joint that ain’t on the map
As far as I know
There was a beast
Asleep at the gate
With a note round it’s neck sayin
Who do you love to hate
People shakin their bodies until they drop
Someone tell me when this is gonna stop
Lights flashin and the ceiling screams
I’m wakin up in the palace of dreams
I fell through
One of the cracks
With a headful of stars
And a voice warnin cover your tracks
Up on stage
Bathed in gold
Was the goddess of grief
With a tale that just had to be told
Night’s crashin and it tastes like sin
There ain’t a sister that can’t get in
Lights flashin and the ceiling screams
I’m wakin up in the palace of dreams
Track Name: In Your Lover's Arms Tonight
I still cannot remember
A single word you said
There was poison in my heart
Other voices in my head
I shuffle round this city
Like nobody’s child
The covenant is broken
The temple defiled
I look through my window
A bird is takin flight
I hope you’re sleepin soundly
In your lover’s arms tonight
I seek no salvation
Don’t need to understand
The first rose of spring
Just crumbles in my hand
Slippin past the shadows
Lost on this road
Signs are all twisted
Directions in code
I gaze through my window
This world’s in black and white
I hope you’re sleepin soundly
In your lovers arms tonight
Track Name: Restless Heart
See those clouds way up in the sky
Chasin the moon as it rolls on by
Mighty tides ebb and flow
Seasons come and seasons go
The same old dream puts my soul to sleep
The river’s wide and the water’s deep
I hold my breath and don’t hear a sound
Your last kiss is on my lips as I’m sinkin down
Though the stars keep burnin
And this world’s still turning
While we all play our part
It brings no joy to my restless heart
There’s a time and place for everyone so they say
Where did we go wrong who stole our hopes away
Was it heaven’s will or some aimless twisted game
When love’s in pieces who can you blame
Though the rain keeps fallin
And the winds are callin
And we all play our part
It brings no joy to my restless heart
Track Name: Word To The Wise
Look at all the misfits honey
Take you and me
Listen to the waves crashin on that ragin sea
Hear my confession
A word to the wise
Say it doesn’t come as any real big surprise
Look at all the drifters baby
Take you and me
Listen to the rain comin down in sympathy
Put me on the stand
I’ll testify
I was out of town I don’t need no alibi
I’ve been up to the mountain
Then come back down again
Watched the rivers rise
With someone I called a friend
Dined with kings and queens under crystal chandeliers
Wandered through the valley alone with my fears
And after all the trials I’ve been through
There has to be a place for me and you
Look at all the sinners honey
Countin you and me
Line em up together it goes on endlessly
Like a procession
Of fakes and fools
Makin up the numbers breakin all the rules
I’ve been on every highway
Seen every twist and bend
Caught the desert sun
On the road that never ends
I’ve heard the wiseman’s stories but I ain’t changed my mind
Sorry for the bitter words I didn’t mean to be unkind
Track Name: Comfort Me
I don’t wanna be famous I don’t need to get high
Can’t see a future building castles in the sky
If I must go hungry sleepin on the street
I’ll leave it to the Lord to put shoes upon my feet
I know the world’s a stage and I’m actin out my part
Keeping it together until the teardrops start
People say I’m crazy to love you like I do
They don’t understand how one heart can stay true
I need your love to comfort me
I want your love to shelter me
If I had a dollar for every one of your charms
I’d be rich as old Onassis happy dyin in your arms
If I had a diamond for all your precious smiles
I’d be lit up like star you could see me shine for miles
Track Name: Lay By My Side
Come to me baby
Lay by my side
Stay til the morning
Takes a new bride
Darkness has fallen
Tears flow like rain
You’re here beside me
Safe once again
Hush now my baby
Sleep through the night
Dream of me only
Holding you tight
When this is over
You’ll understand
We’ll soar together
High above this land
Out in the distance
A sweet serenade
Floats on the shadows
Whispers and fades
Come to me baby
Lay by my side
Stay til the morning
Breaks open wide
Track Name: The Richest Man In The World
Some people live in fine mansions
Purchased with silver and gold
While others take it each day at a time
Their dreams are all bought and sold
Now who can see into the future
I can’t promise you anything girl
But when I look into your beautiful eyes
I’m the richest man in the world
And when it comes round to Sunday
They say put your trust in the Lord
Keep your heart and soul together
Then reap your final reward
Well if there’s a god up in heaven
He won’t mind if I miss my turn
When I look into your beautiful eyes
I’m the richest man in the world
Track Name: Best Thing
Baby you drive me mad
You’re the best thing
I ever had
Street lights trace your name
Then draw me
Into the flame
It’s hard to get down on my knees
I’m beggin you take me back please
You say our time is through
So what is it
That I must do
To steal your heart I’ll walk the line
Lock it up
Then make it mine
It’s hard to get down on my knees
I’m beggin you take me back please
I swear I can’t take it no more
It’s murder down here on the floor
Tell me what to say
To win your love
And save the day
Before this night fade’s away
I’m beggin you take me back please
Track Name: That Tune On The Jukebox
I’m tired of drinkin
Here on my own
That tune on the jukebox
Turned my heart into stone
It’s rainin outside
Well that’s nothing new
So why can’t it wash away
These memories of you
Back at the dancehall
They’re swayin to a moon so sad
They’ll never understand
What we once had
I’m tired of keepin
Your love in a tear
So why don’t these thoughts of you
Just disappear
It’s time to move on
Hell I’ve said it now
So what’s holdin me back
I don’t need you anyhow
I’m tired of keepin
Your love in a tear
Why don’t these memories
Fade then disappear
I can’t stop thinking
Here all alone
That tune on the jukebox
Turned my heart into stone